Welcome to PaddeSafely.com. You are invited to browse and learn about a variety of topics relating to paddle sports safety.  The content has an emphasis on kayaking, but much of this information applies to other paddle sports like canoeing and SUP, as well.

In the spring of 2016, following a recreational kayaking fatality on Lake Michigan, four sea kayak instructors from Southeast Wisconsin met to look for ways to disseminate safety information that might prevent future tragedies.  PaddleSafely.com was just one idea that came out of that initial meeting.  What you see here is a joint effort by the following four individuals:

  • Jeff Adler – American Canoe Association (ACA) Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor
  • John Browning – ACA Level 3 Coastal Kayaking Instructor Trainer Educator, L4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor Trainer, Level 2 River Canoe Instructor, Level 2 River Kayak Instructor, ACA Coastal Kayak Committee Chair
  • Sherri Mertz – ACA Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor, Level 3 River Kayak Instructor, Level 2 Touring Canoe Instructor, Level 1 SUP Instructor
  • Richard Silberman – ACA Level 4 Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor

It is our intent to foster safe kayaking on the Great Lakes and save lives by educating and informing the public.  If you know others – friends, family, neighbors, co-workers – who are interested in paddling, especially if they are just getting started, we hope you will share this website with them.  Feel free to comment on our blog page, or contact us by email with your questions.  The four of us have a passion for paddling and sharing our passion with others.  We look forward to growing an ever-expanding community of safe paddlers.  Please join us!

Jeff, JB, Sherri, Silbs