PaddleSafely at Canoecopia 2020

If you’re in the vicinity of Madison, Wisconsin, from March 13-15, 2020, please consider visiting Canoecopia at the Alliant Energy Center.  The crew from this website will be on hand for the entire weekend.  You can visit us anytime at the American Canoe Association/PaddleSafely table in the lobby area.  There will also be several presentations put on by the authors of this site.  Pool demos last 20 minutes.  All other presentations are 45 minutes.  All presentations are included in the price of admission to the event.  Hope to see many of you there this weekend!

Recreational Kayak Rescue Reality – pool demo, Saturday, 2pm

Your very stable rec kayak has just capsized.  What do you do now?  See a demo of what happens when recreational kayaks capsize and what your realistic options are when it does.  Presenters:  Jeff Adler, John Browning, Sherri Mertz, & Dick Silberman

Paddling Safety for Recreational Kayakers – Friday, 4:30pm & Saturday, 3:30pm

Everyone wants to be a safe kayaker, but sometimes what we don’t know puts us at serious risk.  The PaddleSafely crew will discuss safe paddling practices.  While the focus is on recreational kayaking, everything we discuss applies just as much to other kayaking and paddling disciplines.  Presenters:  Jeff Adler, John Browning, Sherri Mertz & Dick Silberman

What Can Go Wrong? – Friday, 6:30pm & Saturday, 11:30am

Have you really thought about what can go wrong on a paddling trip?  We’ll examine three categories where things go wrong and discuss how to prevent incidents, as well as how to manage problems when stuff does hit the fan.  Presenter: John Browning.

Dressing for Paddling – Saturday, 9:30am & Sunday, 10:30am

New paddlers frequently ask, “What should I wear?”.  The short answer is to always dress for immersion, but what does that mean?  Find out why you need to dress for a swim and get guidelines and suggestions on how to do it safely.  Presenter:  Sherri Mertz

Sea Kayaking into the Golden Years: When is too Old? – Saturday, 11:30am

As the population ages, people still want to remain active and try new things.  Dick Silberman, who is a retired cardiologist in his 70’s, did not start kayaking until his mid-50’s.  Dick will share the challenges and rewards of kayaking as we get older.

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