Sullivan FallsFor many paddlers, there is nothing that compares to the experience of kayaking or canoeing down a river – the helpful push of the downstream current; the scenery that changes around every bend; the excitement of running a rapid.  However, the flowing water that is responsible for everything we love about rivers also poses some serious risks to the unwary novice.  If you are drawn to rivers, or if you are a sea kayaker paddling in tidal currents, it’s important to become familiar with the dynamics of moving water and the unique risks associated with it.  In the near future, we will be adding information on river features, characteristics of flowing water, hazards, and strategies for safely navigating in currents.  For the time being, please check out the information below from the American Canoe Association and American Whitewater.

American Canoe Association (ACA) pamphlet “River Paddler’s Guide to Rescue”

American Whitewater (AWA) Safety Code


Please check back soon!